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Mon Aug 10, 2009


Elizabeth “Lily” Hills "The Body Love Manual"
The author, is a life coach, self-empowerment workshop leader, motivational / inspirational speaker and the Co-host of the radio show: The Goddess to Goddess Empower Hour, Inspirational Information for Women and the Divine Dudes that Love Them. Having battled a hugely compulsive relationship with food for well over a decade of her life, she is passionate about educating women on the fact that accepting, appreciating and honoring their bodies is the most direct path to achieving their healthiest and most ideal weight. She wrote “The Body Love Manual” so that others don’t have to endure any more of the hardship that comes with being ashamed of your body and overly preoccupied with food. With her book she hopes to educate as many people as possible on the dangers of dieting, knowing that they all too often lead to a highly compulsive relationship with food. She leads women’s workshops that focus on building self-respect, self-appreciation and balanced living. Her mission is to support all women in setting a healthy example of body respect and appreciation to serve as role models for future generations of young girls.

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