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Mon Aug 03, 2009


Bob Crane is the President and CEO of C. Crane Company, Inc. He originally established the company in 1976 in San Carlos, California. At that time the company was a design and fabrication company for executive homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1983, Bob along with his wife Susan and two daughters, Lindsy and Stacy move to Fortuna, California.
During the next few years, the design company evolved into a mail order company, specializing in radios, radio reception, radio antennas and eventually LED lighting. Mr. Crane’s personal philosophy of listening to the needs of people and helping them enhance their lives has guided him throughout his professional and private career. Mr. Crane recently announced the completion of the GeoBulb. The first direct replacement LED light bulb that uses only 7 watts of power, yet puts out the same light equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent bulb and has FCC and UL approval. Mr. Crane graduated from San Carlos High School in 1969 and from Canada College where he received an Associate Art degree. His is currently serving his third term on the Redwood Memorial Hospital Foundation Board, and with his wife, a second year as a judge for Economic Fuel, a local contest for recent college graduates who have desires to become entrepreneurs. There are four grand prizes of $25,000, so competition is fierce.
Mr. Crane travels to Asia frequently and has developed business relations with several manufacturers.
When he is not involved in his business or community activities, Mr. Crane enjoys being a gentleman farmer at his home in Fortuna, California.

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