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C. Crane is located in Fortuna, a small town in the wilds of Humboldt County California; home of the world's tallest trees and 6 free flowing rivers. The proximity to nature and a low key lifestyle where we live and work with our neighbors is extended to our values. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated and take the time to listen to them. We enjoy the feedback we receive about our radio and audio products. Remaining true to our values has helped us create a company we are proud of.


CC Radio-2 E - AM FM Portable Radio Designed for Long-Range Reception and Audio Clarity

 The purpose of the CCRadio-2E is to make weak signals strong and also to produce crisp, accurate audio for the spoken word. AM performance comes from our patented Twin-Coil Ferrite® AM Antenna and traditional FM reception is exceptional in its ability to bring in a weak station clearly. Audio can be adjusted for accurate and warm voice rendition and good musical performance. This radio also has the weather band and alert along with the 2-meter Ham band. More information about the 2-Meter Ham Band can be found at
AM/FM Weather Wind-Up CC Solar Observer

The Observer is a simple, affordable and compact radio with enhanced reception and audio performance. For emergency use it can be powered in four different ways and can charge many different USB type devices such as cell phones.
CC WiFi Radio: CC WiFi Internet Radio w/ Clock, Alarm & 99 Memory Presets

With the CC WiFi Radio the stations are always clear, no matter how far away they are. You are also able to pick up stations on the CC WiFi that are difficult to get on a computer. With over 16,000 stations to choose from, you can find 10 or maybe 100 times more news and music with the CC WiFi than any other type of radio. The CC WiFi has good audio for its size and it can be connected to your stereo system directly for superb audio. You can also use our FM Transmitter-2 to send the WiFi signal to a nearby radio or stereo.

CC Pocket Radio: CC Pocket Radio w/ AM/FM/WX & 55 Presets

We combined ease of use, great reception and sharp, well defined audio together in this little jewel of a radio. You can listen on the built-in speaker or the included high quality CC Buds Earphones that are tuned for the spoken word. It has five easy to use, one touch memory buttons for each band and stands upright for best audio. Rubber coated sides help with grip.

CC Skywave Radio With AM, FM, Shortwave, Weather and Aviation Bands

The CC Skywave opens up a marvelous new world of radio at home and when you're voyaging. Reception, audio and durable build are what this radio excels at. The Skywave has an intuitive layout so it is easy to use. Incoming radio signals can be digitally manipulated to reduce interference.

CC WiFi 2 Black Internet Radio w/ TuneIn, Bluetooth and FM Receive Thousands of Stations Clearly - Great for Music, Talk and Sports!

Open up a whole new world of listening with the CC WiFi 2 Internet Radio. Choose your favorite radio program or host and begin listening instantly on Internet radio stations that are always crisp and clear. Comprehensive search tools help you find the radio programming you desire easily. The radio usestunein technology and the programming is subscription free. No computer is required but Internet radio does require a broadband Internet connection. Setup is quick and easy; just connect to your wifi router with internet service and the radio will guide you through the rest.


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