Friday, September 20, 2013

09/20 Highest Paid Celebrity Couples, Carrie Underwood, Emmy’s, Beatles Tribute, Drake & The Game, Apple, iPhone 5, NFL, Football, Jimmy Mac, Fred Dryer

Join Mike Horn on the 
talkin' about ALL the hot topics...

The Top 5 Highest Paid Celebrity Couples Of 2013!

Carrie Underwood to do a Beatles Tribute at This Years Emmy's!

Drake & The Game - Help Pay for Funerals After 5 Kids Die In Tragic Ohio House fire

Apple Stores Sell Out Of iPhone 5s In Just 30 Minutes!

Then Jimmy Mac & Fred Dryer join in for some football handicapping!

Former bookie Jimmy Mac is a native of Jersey (“The only state which you don’t have to say the ‘New!’” as he’s fond of saying) and grew up with the real Sopranos. He even dated at least one of their daughters. His father owned a horsemeat slaughterhouse, so Jimmy is an expert with the ponies – though is still awaiting an endorsement deal from PETA. An accomplished wordsmith, he was excited to get into the publishing world but then found out what “bookmaking” really means. Nevertheless, it was a fateful miscommunication as he quickly discovered that his true talent was predicting the outcomes of sporting events. He is both feared and revered in Las Vegas, where he still receives comps from some of the best casinos in town. Though now retired from the bookmaking business, he runs a very successful light bulb distribution company and every week watches more college and professional football games than are actually played.

Former NFL defensive end and star of the show Hunter, Fred Dryer is now an active voice in politics!

Join him  each week for his unique perspective on current affairs and a common sense approach to the political landscape. 

When you hear Fred Dryer's insightful comments, you will never look at politics the same way again! 

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