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04/05 Sweet Dick Whittington

Sweet Dick Whittington (born 1934) is a long-time disc jockey in Los Angeles,[1] who has also appeared as an actor in movies and on television.

Prior to his arrival in Southern California, Whittington was a popular radio personality in the San Francisco Bay area at Oakland's KROW (960 AM), where he hosted the "Night Watchman" overnight program, and, later, a weekday afternoon show, from 1955 to 1958. In the fall of 1958, he moved to KSFO (560 AM) in San Francisco, as host of the 9 p.m. to midnight program. He began his stint in Los Angeles at KABC 790 AM, doing a one-hour talk show weekdays and a 3-hour Sunday talk show from 1965-1969. In 1969, he moved to KGIL.

His greatest fame in the Los Angeles market was in the morning drive time slot at KGIL AM 1260 in the "Sin Fernando Valley". For a brief time, he left KGIL to do the evening drive time slot at KFI AM 640. He also was briefly heard in the late 1980s on KIEV (870 AM) and, for a few months in 1989, was back at KABC AM. (see list below). According to the entry in, he has retired and is writing a novel.

Many people regard his broadcast style as being ahead of its time. Rather than the "happy morning to you" type of radio personality, he often spoke on the air about things that bothered him and foreshadowed the Howard Stern era of speaking your mind. At stations where he was still spinning records, he would many times interrupt a song midway through saying, "I like it up to that point, then I get bored."

One of Whittington's notable film roles was as the disc jockey in the TV movie "Duel", Steven Spielberg's directorial debut. He can also be seen briefly as a ring announcer in Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull."

He now lives in the San Luis Obispo area and is the image voice for radio station KKJL-AM (adult standards).
Radio Credits

•    KROW (Oakland), 1955–1958
•    KSFO (San Francisco), 1958–1959
•    KNOB, 1960–62
•    KLAC, 1960–63
•    KGIL, 1965–75 and 1978–85
•    KABC, 1966–68
•    KFI, 1975–77
•    KIEV (870 AM), 1982 and 1988
•    KHJ, 1983
•    KABC, 1989–90
•    KMPC 1990-91
•    KNJO, 1994–95
•    KKJL, 1999-? image voice


•    The Incredible Hulk (TV series)
•    Raging Bull
•    The Jeffersons
•    Fantasy Island
•    The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat
•    Almost Anything Goes
•    Duel
•    The Waltons

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