Friday, March 29, 2013

03/29 Eric Roberts, Revolution Road, David Hull, Mandy Armstrong

Actor Eric Roberts joins the show to talk about his upcoming role in the film,  Revolution Road!

In a small, West Texas town, a mild-mannered traveling salesman, Josh McManus, (David A. R. White) stops at a roadside convenience store.  During the middle of Josh’s sales pitch, the owner Frank (Ray Wise) asks him three questions: “Are you a family man?” “Do you believe in God?” and “What would you put your faith in to save your family?”

In the middle of their discussion a brutal biker gang, “The Barbarians,” arrive to rob the store with orders to leave no witnesses.  Josh stops the robbery and eliminates several gang members. Though he earns the respect of the locals, Josh avoids any questions about his self-defense training.
To show his appreciation for saving his life, the store owner invites Josh over for lunch with his family. During their conversation, Ray questions Josh about his faith, something that Josh is reluctant to discuss. It’s evident Josh is haunted by his secret past and wrestles with his search for faith.  The leader of the biker gang, the powerful and enigmatic Hawg (Brian Bosworth) vows revenge on Josh and all who have dared to cross him.

As the country is in a war with Iran, the stage is set for a titanic duel as the world hurtles towards the biblical time of prophesy, the Rapture. Josh wants is to forget his past, escape his present and get back to his wife and daughter but he'll have to fight his way through the Barbarians to do so.  Will he make it in time?  It will be a dangerous journey to the very center of his soul.  Time is running out.  The end is coming.

Dave Hull and Mandy Armstrong join the Michael Horn to talk about their new radio show!

"Dave Hull & Mandy," launches this Saturday, March 30 on CRN Digital Talk radio. The show, which will air from 2-4pm each Saturday, will feature Hull teamed with radio personality Mandy Armstrong, formerly of KWXY-FM in Palm Springs. Also featured will be former child actor-turned author and radio personality, J.J. Solari.

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