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C. Crane Company, Inc. is an American electronics retailer based in Fortuna, California. The company mainly deals in specialty radio and lighting equipment and is best known for its GeoBulb line of LED light bulbs.

C. Crane was founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California by Bob and Susan Crane. The company was initially a furniture design and manufacturing company and only switched to being an electronics distributor in 1983, upon the Cranes' relocation to Fortuna. C. Crane's first electronics product was the "Select-A-Tenna", an antenna manufactured by Intensitronics Corp. of Hales Corners, Wisconsin, for long-distance reception of AM radio broadcasts. The company advertised on late-night radio shows, which served to increase business from AM listeners looking for a better antenna. Later in the 1980s, C. Crane began to distribute radios, such as the GE Superadio, to go along with their antennas. Following the 1992 Cape Mendocino earthquakes, the company expanded their catalog to include emergency radios and other disaster equipment, such as flashlights. Eventually, C. Crane began to produce its own radios in collaboration with Sangean.


Tim is the co-founder and CEO at CrushIQ and he provides strategic counsel, marketing guidance, and digital relationship best practices to several of CrushIQ's top global accounts as well as maintaining CrushIQ's strong partner relationships with the likes of Google and Facebook. Taught business leaders through our events how to engage and use conversational media properly to win mindshare and build brand loyalty: A few of our recent events: Wilmington, NC   Columbia, SC   Washington, D.C.   Charlotte, NC

Current clients include NOS Energy Drink, Coca-Cola, NASCAR’s Roush Fenway Racing, and others.

Previously, Tim was with The New York Times Company in a digital business solutions leadership role, and prior to that was the founder of numerous technology startups. Tim believes in transparency and thus invites all to keep in touch with on Google+, Twitter, or to call him directly on his mobile at 910-233-6228.

Tim was on of the authors of the 2009 Mindshare Report, which exposed vulnerabilities and opportunities in the enterprise. Helped develop nationally accepted social listening methodologies and models that are accepted as the standard and used globally today as best practice.

Tim is regularly contacted as a leader is social business by the likes of ABC News, PR Newswire, FOX TV, AT&T, CNN, The New York Times, Washington Times, SODA, and others.

Tim speaks nationwide and can be seen just about everywhere there sharing his vision for new media marketing, from major industry conferences like SMX, Social Media World Forum, AZIMA, CrushIQ, to national industry specific marketing conferences for Real Estate - Annual Home Selling Summit 2010, and Recruiting – NCASP, RecruiterECO, just to name a few.  

Then Jimmy Mac, The Fabulous Tomas and Eric Horn join in for some football handicapping!

Former bookie Jimmy Mac is a native of Jersey (“The only state which you don’t have to say the ‘New!’” as he’s fond of saying) and grew up with the real Sopranos. He even dated at least one of their daughters. His father owned a horsemeat slaughterhouse, so Jimmy is an expert with the ponies – though is still awaiting an endorsement deal from PETA. An accomplished wordsmith, he was excited to get into the publishing world but then found out what “bookmaking” really means. Nevertheless, it was a fateful miscommunication as he quickly discovered that his true talent was predicting the outcomes of sporting events. He is both feared and revered in Las Vegas, where he still receives comps from some of the best casinos in town. Though now retired from the bookmaking business, he runs a very successful light bulb distribution company and every week watches more college and professional football games than are actually played.

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