Monday, April 9, 2012

04/09 Gann Matsuda, Heidi Klum, Seal, Bobbie Kristina, Whitney Houston, Titanic!

Join Mike Horn on the Entertainment Edition of The PM Show!

Gann Matsuda stops by to talk Hockey!

Gann Matsuda is a native of the Los Angeles area who grew up playing roller hockey in the local schoolyard and has been following the Los Angeles Kings since 1973, when he was still a little kid. Matsuda is the publisher of the popular site, Frozen Royalty, covering the Kings and the NHL. He has been writing about the Kings since 1986, and has been credentialed by the Kings since 1997. In February 2009, Matsuda became a member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association.

In other news...

Heidi Klum Files For Divorce!

Bobbi Kristina Wants to Play Whitney Houston in Biopic …

Cruise ship to retrace voyage of Titanic!

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