Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/12-Pam McNeely - Ted Williams, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump

1/12-Pam McNeely and Michael Horn figure out the fates of Ted Williams, Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump! You heard it here, first!
Pam McNeely - CRN Media Critic
Pam dishes out the scoop on those ever-entertaining celebrities, today, with some juicy gossip for you! Here's what we're talking about, today:
Ted Williams – too much too soon?

Charlie Sheen – can he be saved?

Donald Trump – making a run for the White House? Say WHAT????????? Not with THAT hair, I say!

Also, what shows are coming back next season, BCS ratings records, baby news and more!

Pam has a unique opinion on TV/Radio/Movies and offers a fresh perspective as the CRN Media Critic at Large. What's Hot and What's Not as well as the inside scoop on the entertainment industry. Pam dishes praise and criticism alike on your favorite shows and actors while telling you why they will be a success or failure.

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