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Bruce Morrow "ROCK & ROLL …And The Beat Goes On"
Foreword by Brian Wilson; Preface by Petula Clark; Epilogue by Billy Joel
“COUSIN BRUCIE” MORROW, a veritable legend in broadcast history, is the only on-air personality in New York City to have a street named after him, and he was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1988, and Broadcasting & Cable's Hall of Fame in 1990, National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2001. His autobiography, entitled Cousin Brucie: My Life in Rock and Roll Radio was a bestseller as was his classic, Doo Wop: The Music, the Times, the Era. “Cousin Brucie” recently signed another long-term contract with SIRIUS XM Radio, so fans can listen to their favorite broadcaster three times a week. I can think of no better music industry icon to bring this unique music and the era, to life for readers than “Cousin Brucie” Morrow. -Brian Wilson While the whole world was watching, turbulent and thrilling history was being made in the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. American kids were experiencing life through their favorite on radio stations. With a radio career spanning more than 50 years, “Cousin Brucie” became the voice of his generation – guiding baby boomers’ musical tastes for decades, while introducing the world’s most famous musicians to his dedicated listening fans. With a long and illustrious music career, and unsurpassed knowledge of the music and the times, this “King of DJs” brings his fans a colossal, heavily illustrated, and brilliantly colorful guide to the greatest music of all time. ROCK & ROLL: …And The Beat Goes On features more than 300 photographs, along with posters, album covers, record labels newspaper articles, magazine covers, poems, anecdotes, and quotes about EVERYTHING related to the Rock & Roll generation. Musical greats acknowledge Cousin Brucie as the man to bring this legendary music to the public, with Brian Wilson, Petula Clark and Billy Joel writing tributes for the book. With unique page layouts featuring the top of the charts music that surrounded the major historical moments encompassing these 3 decades, Cousin Brucie illustrates how songs have impacted our lives with everything we read, listen to, and experience. Capturing the musical style shift beginning with R&B artists in the 1950s, Rock & Roll captures the British invasion, the surfer sounds, Motown soul, heavy metal, the punk rebellion and beyond. As a bonus, Cousin Brucie notes the all time greatest artists of the era, along with more than 250 most-loved songs. In addition, Rock & Roll includes an amazing array of sidebars and stories about the history and background of rock and the world. Also, the Rock and Roll Dictionary section reminds readers of the slang they loved to use, from what was probably the best period of their lives.
Rock & Roll is about the music and the people. Every major artist presented here participated in the earth-shattering changes that unfolded over the decades, from the time rock started to roll, but also:

when Elvis swiveled his hips screams of teen girls – the horror of their parents
the attack of the Union Jack
the madness of Beatlemania
The British invasion of the Rolling Stones and The Who
Petula Clark, Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield celebrated ‘girl power’
Surfing songs and California dreaming came alive
Detroit Soul had kids dancing in the street
Hippies stormed a little New York town called Bethel and created a weekend of musical love and peace, known to the world as “Woodstock”
If Rock and Roll could be the soundtrack of our lives, when did the needle hit the groove for you? Rock & Roll: … And the Beat Goes On is sure to become a cherished generational heirloom from our own personal school of music – and the best times of our lives.

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