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Tue Jun 16, 2009


Tracy Rafter CEO - BizFed
As the first female publisher in the nearly 100 year history of the Los Angeles Daily News, Tracy Rafter brought strategic vision, unbridled passion, fearless innovation, and dynamic leadership at a time of unprecedented challenge and change in the news media industry. She is now the principal of her own next level media company IMPOWER, LLC, and also owns a business advisory, Rafter Group, Inc. which provided management and leadership to organize, launch, and operate BizFed.

James E. Wullschleger - Senior VP City National Bank
In that position, he is responsible for marketing and directing the delivery of a full range of financial products and services to California businesses with annual sales of $1 million to $10 million. Wullschleger, a 30-year banking veteran, reports to Kevin Dunigan, executive vice president in charge of the bank's Core Banking Division.

Rene' Barnett - "Night Vision"

Controversial documentary filmmaker and reality television producer RenĂ© Barnett returns to her radio roots with Night Vision, a daring new program that explores the paranormal through conversations with those who claim up close and personal experiences with the unknown. Conspiracies, extraterrestrial encounters, conversations with the dead, secret societies and cryptozoology are only some of the very edgy topics included in the radio show, which premieres May 29th on CRN Digital Talk Radio and other broadcast stations.The two-hour program will run live at 9 p.m. Pacific Time, and midnight Eastern.“Because of my work, I'm fortunate to know a lot of name people in these subject areas Barnett says. “Night Vision will have authors and experts as guests, but we’re really putting the focus on the eye-witnesses and 'experiencers.' We’ll hear from the person who was abducted by aliens, saved by an angel, or sucked into another dimension. The two-hour program will include other unique elements, including a five-minute news segment by Night Vision team member, Alan Maxson “in which you'll get all the news you won't hear on CNN and Fox: the sightings, anomalies, earth changes The second hour of Night Vision will feature calls from listeners.Team Night Vision also includes producer Jeff Flor and the Goddess Artemis, “taking your calls.

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