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Music lovers are the heart and soul of Sonos®. We're a company created by music lovers, for music lovers. And everything we do, from the products we design to the way we interact with our customers, partners and each other expresses that passion.  Music at home has come a long way since the LP and the CD. Digital jukeboxes like iTunes and Windows Media Player are pervasive. And Internet radio stations and multi-million song music services are exploding globally. At Sonos, our vision is to fill every home with music by
making it incredibly easy for people all around the world to enjoy all that music in every room. Sonos customers are falling in love with music all over again. They continually tell us that with Sonos at home they are listening to way more music than they ever did before. We couldn't be more pleased. If you have built a big music collection over the years or just want to tap into the world of music which streams over the Internet, Sonos can make your life more entertaining, too.  Making it easy to play music all over the house was a hard problem to solve, one that called for a new approach to developing and delivering consumer electronics. At Sonos we excel at building systems that combine hardware, software, industrial design, usability design, and services into a simple package that works right out of the box. And since our mission is to create fanatical customers, we offer the best customer support in the business. Never one to rest on our laurels, we continue to improve our systems even after they ship by delivering software updates that add new features and music services. We think someday all home entertainment products will be made this way.

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Milt Larsen (born in Los Angeles, California) is a writer, actor, performer, lyricist, magician, entrepreneur, speaker and the creator of The Magic Castle. Larsen was originally a writer for the venerable audience participation Ralph Edwards TV classic, Truth or Consequences (1956–1977) starring Bob Barker. He also wrote the Malibu U television series (1967). Milt and his brother, the late Bill Larsen Jr., were both in television but had grown up in a family of magicians. Their father, a performing magician and respected Los Angeles defense attorney, William W. Larsen Sr., and their mother, Geraldine, the early TV pioneer children's entertainer known as The Magic Lady, published Genii, the Conjurors Magazine, which is still in publication. The Larsen Brothers' father died in 1955, his dream of a place for magicians to gather and swap trade secrets over drinks  Bill and Milt Larsen ... unrealized. In 1961 history was made when Milt Larsen met Tom Glover, the owner of the entire hillside property which featured the famed Hollywood hilltop restaurant The Yamashiro. Larsen told Tom about his late father's idea of a clubhouse for magicians, and Glover agreed to Milt's proposal to transform the Lane mansion on Glover's property, below The Yamashiro, into what has since become one of Hollywood's all-time world renowned landmark attractions, The Magic Castle. Milt worked out a lease arrangement with Tom Glover, and almost single-handedly restored the once-stately, albeit dilapidated old house, located at 7001 Franklin Avenue, to its former Victorian period elegance (Milt's grandfather was a master carpenter and taught Milt the art of fine wood-working). Milt's biggest (and at first practically only) supporter was his brother, Bill Larsen Jr., at the time a CBS television producer of (The Danny Kaye Show). Bill Larsen promoted Milt's new enterprise among his network show business connections at every opportunity, bending ears and twisting arms, recruiting members for his brother's unique new private club. When The Magic Castle opened its doors to magicians in 1963, Milt's brother Bill came on board as President of The Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences, and was soon joined by his new bride and former magician's assistant, Irene Larsen, in promoting The Magic Castle worldwide in the international world of magic. On September 15, 2006, Milt and Bill Larsen Jr. were honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood, California. Milt Larsen has served as a creative consultant for the motion picture Bedknobs And Broomsticks (Disney Studios - 1971). He has appeared as an actor in Television's Hart To Hart (1981 Murder Up Their Sleep), and also a cameo appearance as a spectator (uncredited) in Bedknobs And Broomsticks. He also appeared as the back and hands of actor Raul Julia as Gomez Addams, performing his legendary tablecloth yank at the end of Gomez and Morticia's Tango dance in Addams Family Values (Paramount Pictures - 1993). Milt Larsen and collaborator Bobby Lauher wrote the book for the stage musical Victory Canteen starring Patty Andrews of Andrews Sisters fame. Songs were written by Mary Poppins songwriters Robert B. Sherman & Richard M. Sherman. Although Robert opted not to participate in the project, Richard Sherman and Larsen also created a long time popular satirical record album which has since made the transition to CD Smash Flops, featuring tongue-in-cheek songs like "Bon Voyage, Titanic", "General Custer", and features "Congratulations Tom Dewey" which was used for the theme song in the stage production Give 'Em Hell, Harry!, a one-man stage play about United States President Harry S. Truman starring James Whitmore later made into an Academy Award nominated film (1975). They also wrote the comedy classic Lp now a CD, "Banned Barbershop Ballads" (Watch World War Three on Pay TV etc).  Richard M. Sherman and Milt Larsen wrote words and music for the comedy musical Pazzazz! (Book by Larsem, Sherman and Joseph Hoffman). The musical had its world premiere at the Granada Center for the Performing Arts Santa Barbara, California in June 2008. It was produced by Milt Larsen and his wife Arlene. In 1956 Larsen produced his first all-star magic revue "It's Magic!" with a new edition playing west coat performing arts centers annually. Now in its 53rd year co-produced by Terry Hill.  Larsen hosts a weekend radio show on CRN Digital Talk Radio Hear Them Again for the First Time featuring rare antique personality recordings from his collection. (2006–present) As entrepreneur he created the Mayfair Music Hall in Santa Monica, California (a Victorrian British Music Hall featuring live stage shows) (1973-1980), The Variety Arts Theatre - Los Angeles (1977-1990) and Caesars Magical Empire at Caesars Palace Las Vegas (1995-2004) He is a member of AFTRA, SAG and BMI and is a member of the Board of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Frequent collaborators include John Shrum, Dr. Thomas Heric, Richard M. Sherman, Carol Marie, Verne Langdon, Tom Glover, Terry Hill, and Ralph Edwards.

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Ed Asner, stars as the lead voice of Carl Fredrickson in the Disney / Pixar's boxoffice hit UP! which  won Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score - Motion Picture, at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards and is nominated for 5 Academy Awards including Best Animated Feature. In addition, Ed is currently starring in the one man show FDR around the country and just completed a starring in the feature film, Elephant Sighs directed by Ed Simpson.  Versatile, committed, eloquent and talented are all Ed Asner promoting ...
adjectives that describe actor/activist Edward Asner. Perhaps best known for his comedic and dramatic crossover as the gruff but soft-hearted journalist Lou Grant, the role he originated on the landmark TV news room comedy The Mary Tyler Moore Show and continued in the newspaper-set drama Lou Grant, which earned him five Emmys and three Golden Globe Awards. Asner received two more Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for the mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man and Roots. His prolific and much honored acting career demonstrates a consummate ability to transcend the line between comedy and drama
One of the most honored actors in the history of television; Edward Asner has been the recipient of seven Emmy Awards and 16 nominations, as well as five Golden Globe Awards and served as National President of the Screen Actors Guild for two terms. He was inducted into the TV Academy Hall of Fame in 1996. Asner received the Ralph Morgan Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 2000, presented periodically for distinguished service to the Guild's Hollywood membership. In March 2002, he was again honored by The Guild as the 38th recipient of the prestigious Life Achievement Award for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment, presented annually to an actor who fosters the highest ideals of the profession.  In addition to his professional versatility, Edward Asner has consistently served and committed himself to the rights of the working performer in addition to advocating for human rights, world peace, environmental preservation and political freedom. A passionate and informed spokesperson for the causes he supports, Asner is a frequent speaker on labor issues and a particular ally for the acting industry's older artists. Some of the many honors he has received throughout his career include the Anne Frank Human Rights Award, The Eugene Debs Award, Organized Labor Publications Humanitarian Award, ACLU's Worker's Right's Committee Award and the National Emergency Civil Liberties Award.  Edward Asner has more than 100 TV credits, which include starring in the series Off the Rack, The Bronx Zoo and Thunder Alley.  Numerous guest appearances include roles in Curb Your Enthusiasm, ER, Arliss, The Practice and a recurring role on Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.  Besides commercials and numerous books on tape, he has lent his voice to popular cartoon shows such as The Simpsons, Spiderman and Boondocks.  Asner's dozens of motion pictures include They Call Me Mister Tibbs!, Fort Apache the Bronx, JFK, and the European production of Giovanni XXIII - the highest rated television mini-series in the history of Italian TV as well as the box office hit, Elf with Will Farrell and James Caan.  Asner has done several Hallmark movies and was nominated for another Emmy for The Christmas Card in addition to his Emmy nominated guest appearance on CSI/NY and was the lead voice of Carl Fredricksen in Pixar's 2009 box-office-hit UP!, which won Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score -Motion Picture, at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards as well as 5 Oscar nominations.


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Pam McNeely

Media expert and analyst Pam McNeely talks about top TV shows and those that will make it and those that will not. Pop culture discussion of America's TV viewing habits.

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 Geoff Edwards - "No Spin Travel" Geoff Edwards is a veteran radio and television broadcaster. He has an Emmy for best talk show host, and an Emmy nomination for best Game Show Host. Besides hosting network game shows, he has appeared as an actor in numerous television shows and movies. In radio, he was top rated in Los Angeles on both KMPC and KFI. With all of this, Geoff never lost his thirst for travel. He has been cruising since 1969 and has twice cruised around the world. From Morocco, to the Marshall Islands, and even to Branson, Geoff 's wit adds a special flavor to his travel commentary. Michael, Geoff's wife, travels with him and records all on film.